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Paintings of 'Historical St. Louis' by Impressionist Robert Dielmann


A rare exhibition of oil paintings by impressionist Robert Dielmann was displayed at the Soulard Coffee Garden & Café, located at 910 Geyer, April 26 - May 29, 2012.


The venerable coffee cafe, nestled among the historical buildings of historical Soulard neighborhood, was a fitting place to view this collection featuring scenes of life in St. Louis.


A St. Louis artist known for his skill in glazing and vivid palette, Dielmann says many of his paintings are of ordinary folks and landscapes from the historical past. "I'm trying to preserve our wonderful history, to share with the future generation."


Dielmann masterfully captures the moment in time from soft light on a ballerina fixing the broken ribbon on her shoe, to a Victorian family enjoying the vibrant colors of fall at Lafayette Square, to the quiet beauty of a child waking from a nap, to the vibrance of a red-headed woman resting after a Mardi Gras party, to clowns putting on makeup, to a lavish garden wedding party, to the profile of an Indian chef in ceremonial garb, to street scenes of historic St. Louis, to cats napping peacefully in the sun. The young boy with his dog is a thoughtful, revealing self-portrait.


Many of h paintings feature ornately-carved, wooden frames, completing Dielmann's passion for historical detail.


Plans are being developed to host another exhibit featuring Dielmann's new works including abstract, floral from his garden and old St. Louis in a 'Tribute to Monet'.



Colleagues  who worked with Robert Dielmann at Famous-Barr and friends gathered at Soulard Coffee House to share memories and enjoy viewing the artwork.

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